Incl. GST

Brand new, keen to work, and equipped with all our recommended Farm Fittings - like Hard Roof, Windscreen/Wiper/Side extensions, Soft rear Wall, Guard Flares, our mudflap kit, Tow hitch etc - Thousands of dollars worth of Added Value.

All the Wolverine features, like a nice quiet 850cc Twin Cylinder engine, Selectable 2WD/4WD/DiffLock, Yamahas Ultramatic CVT system ( with constant All Wheel Engine braking ), Electric Power-Steering, a Full Pallet-Sized Tipping Deck, lockable Speed Control System for safety, plus a Tow Rating of 907Kg ....... The X2 Ute sure ticks a LOT of On-Farm boxes !!!!! $30,592 Excluding GST

YMF Finance available ( TAP) to ease your cash-flow - .