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Commercial Finance

Make your dream a reality with Rogers Yamaha.

Yamaha Motor Commercial Finance (YMF) is powered by Yamaha to service our customers. There are several Commercial Finance Products available through Yamaha.


Commercial Hire Purchase

Enables the customer to hire the asset in return of fixed monthly repayments over a set period of time and ultimately own the asset at the term-end after the final amount is paid. There’s a choice of terms ranging from 24 to 60 months, repayments can be structured, matching your business’ cash flow, all payments are GST inclusive and a fixed interest rate allows fixed repayments for the term of the loan.


Finance Lease

Enables the customer to use the asset in return of fixed monthly lease rental whilst YMF retains the actual ownership of the asset. This allows businesses to budget monthly cash flows in lieu of capital outlay. YMF may allow you to purchase the asset at the end of the term. Fixed monthly lease payment with flexible contract terms ranging from 24 to 60 months, fixed interest rate, 100% of invoiced costs are financed, no deposit or trade-in required.


Master Rental Agreement

Master Rental Agreement is generally meant to cover multiple goods, transactions and parties. It can be tailored to suit the specific asset category. This generally suits commercial use or business customers who have the need to acquire or finance assets more regularly. It can be structured to reflect the estimated usage of the goods and gives the ability to deal directly with the dealer. Credit limit makes it easier for the acquisition of new goods and future business needs.


Operating Lease – Maintained or Non-Maintained

An Operating Lease is simply a Rental Agreement, rather than buying the asset, you rent it on a manageable monthly rental payment. You can choose between options of taking a maintained or non-maintained operating lease. Renting means you can afford the asset for less capital. There’s more flexible end of lease term options. Maintained leases can have servicing built into the rental payments or options.

To discuss any of these commercial finance options, please give Rogers Yamaha a call on 03 218 9584 or drop in and see us at 84 Leet Street, Invercargill.

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